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Are You Ready to Get Your Audio Recordings Transcribed Into Written Form So You Can Get Your Book Finished?

5 Fast, Easy Ways to Get
Your Own Book Done


Send Cindy Your Audio Recordings (CD, Digital MP3, WAV, Video File)


Cindy Will Upload Them Into Her Computer (Note If you send a cassette or CD in the Mail Cindy must convert them to digital WAV files in order to transcribe them. This is standard procedure)


Cindy Will Listen to Your Recording(s) and Transcribe Them Into a Word Document.


Cindy Will Edit the Word Document Into a Format That Allows You to Easily Transfer It Into Book Publication.


Cindy Will Then Simply Email You the Word Document and THAT’S IT! You’re done! (Your document will be edited and spell checked)

Cindy’s Transcription Prices

Dubbing, transcription and editing takes a minimum of four hours per one 60-minute audio/video file.

The entire process as noted above would average $120.00 per 60-minute tape. A CD of your transcribed work can also be copied and mailed to you (if requested) – Additional $15.00 charge for handling and shipping.

Additional Services Are Also Available:

Create Forms:
Cindy has created numerous forms for doctors including fax cover sheets, telephone lists, new patient history and physicals, invoices, procedure sheets, medication logs, memos, job application, and dozens more.

Retype Contracts:
For example: Speaking contracts – For my College Speaking Success Boot Camp, I needed
7-pages of contracts retyped to put into a Word document format to email to my attendees.
Cindy retyped the forms into a Word document and emailed them to me finished within 24-hours.

I also own Real Estate and needed Rental Agreements typed from scratch. Cindy was able to type my forms and put them into a Word document so that I could email them to clients.

Scan Documents: Documents can be scanned converted to a Word document.

Scan Photos: Photos can be scanned and converted to digital format.

Mailing Labels: Databases can be converted to mailing labels.

(Fee Quotes available on request) Determining factors of how long the typing project may take is based on condition of submitted material, required format, length of project, amount of editing requested, length of recording and content.

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