About Cindy

About Cindy

Cindy McLane is an accomplished and widely experienced transcriptionist who owns a successful transcription business www.TranscribeYourBook.com

Having specialized in medical transcription for 13 fulfilling years, Cindy devised her very own unique system in 1997 to help people from all walks of life get their books written. Till date, Cindy has worked with many professional speakers, entertainers, Olympians, medical experts, radio and television show hosts, teleseminar hosts, CEOs and experts from diverse fields with diverse backgrounds. She has a fast, easy and painless way to help get your book done.

Cindy serves as James Malinchak’s Executive Assistant and runs his Private Coaching Program as well as setting up seminars and special events.

Cindy is also the author of ‘SNNAP IT – 50 Ways To Stop Negativity Now and Achieve Positivity Improving Thoughts’, and has written two rap songs – ‘The SNNAP IT Rap’ and ‘I Have The Power’. Cindy is a guest-speaker at many conferences and seminars where she shares her views and expertise on changing negative thoughts into positive thoughts, gymnastic judging, and effective ways to SNNAP yourself out of negative thinking. Her website, www.SNNAPIT.com has inspired many people to turn their negative situations into life-changing positive results.

Cindy currently resides in Nevada and has 2 sons. She enjoys fitness classes, tennis, dancing, gymnastics, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.