Stop wasting time and losing out on extra product sales by not having your book done…

“Finally! A Fast and Easy Way For YOU to Painlessly Get Your OWN Book Written Without Actually Having to Sweat and Struggle Sitting at the Keyboard Typing for Weeks, Months or Years!”

You want your book done, but…

  • You’re just too darn busy to actually sit down and put in the time writing your book.
  • You don’t really like to write.
  • You feel as though you’re not a great writer.

Dear Fellow Speaker,

Have you been trying to write your book for months, even years, but things seem to continue getting in the way of you finishing? That is the one constant thing I keep hearing from speakers I’ve coached over the years.

ABCs Secret Millionaire, Founder of BigMoneySpeaker.com, and the College Speaking Success Boot Camp

Look at What You’re Losing Out On Because You Haven’t Finished Your Book

(1) Instant Credibility in the Eyes of Those Who Are Considering Booking You to Speak.
As soon as you get your book finished, YOU will instantly be regarded as a “Leading Authority” on your topic. If you’re competing against another speaker for a speaking engagement and you have a book but the other speaker doesn’t, you could get hired simply because YOU are considered more of the expert because YOU ARE AN AUTHOR! Personally, many corporate, association, youth and college groups have booked me to speak simply because I am an author.

(2) Instant Exposure as Your Book Will Serve as a “Brochure” That Markets You Forever.
Unlike some sort of printed brochure or postcard that may get tossed in the trash, your book will stay around and get passed around to others. People will be able to contact you directly to schedule you for speaking engagements, hire you for consulting and to order your other products and services.

(3) Instant Fame and Publicity as Your Book Can Bring You Television, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine Interviews.
How would you like to be interviewed as a guest on national and international television and radio shows? How would you like to have stories written about YOU in magazines and newspapers that are published and read by people around the world? How would you like people asking YOU to autograph your book to them? Your book can help you to achieve all of this.

(4) Instant Income Bringing You Thousands of Dollars as Hundreds of People Line Up to Buy Your Book After You Speak.
You will have a quality book to sell after your presentations, pre-sell in large quantities prior to each speaking engagement, sell via your web site or direct mail and sell to current customers. If you performed only 20 speaking engagements and sold only 20 books at each talk (a grand total of only 400 books) at a rate of $15 per book, your gross profit would be $6,000! What if YOU sell 1,000 copies (at $15 per book)? You will Gross $15,000!!!

Okay, James. I’m With You. I know I need to Get My Book Finished, But I Still Just Can’t Seem to Find the Time to Finish It!

NO PROBLEM! I have the perfect solution for you! Now, YOU CAN get your book done ASAP without having to write it yourself!

Simply Give My Sister, Cindy, an Audio Recording of Your Speech and She’ll Quickly Transcribe Your Speech into Written Form So YOU Can Instantly Have Your Book DONE…Hassle Free…Just Like She’s Done for Me and the Other Speakers I’ve Referred to Her!

Cindy has transcribed numerous projects for me and for other speakers I’ve referred to her…and now, I’m helping other speakers (like yourself) by recommending that you let Cindy help you to get your book transcribed from your audio recordings so you can get it done ASAP! It’s time to stop procrastinating and just GET IT DONE!

Let Me Introduce You to My Sister (and My Personal Transcriber) Cindy McLane

Cindy and I grew up with our parents (Walter and Betty), our brother (Wally) and our sister (Vicki) in the small steel-mill town of Monessen, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. Cindy was a former Elite gymnast and also competed for Clarion University (Clarion, PA) and the University of Florida (Gainesville, FL) where she graduated from in 1982.

Cindy is a Brevet rated gymnastics official and judges NCAA, USAG and AAU gymnastics competitions. She is a past Florida NAWGJ (National Association of Women’s Gymnastics Judges and USAG (United States of America Gymnastics) Board Member. She has done lectures in Florida and the Southeast to help educate gymnastic officials.

Cindy got involved with medical transcription in 1995 after retiring from coaching gymnastics. She did medical transcription for 13 years and has been transcribing books for speakers for over 10 years.

In her spare time Cindy enjoys spending time with her 2 sons Tim and James. She resides in Nevada.

“Does ALL of My Transcription Work!”

“As a VERY busy speaker who does over 100 speaking engagements a year, I need my audio recordings transcribed quickly so I have written product ready to sell immediately. I have worked with many other transcription people in the past. I’m not saying this because Cindy is my sister, I’m saying it because it’s a fact. Cindy is by far the fastest I’ve ever worked with and you won’t find a better price for the quick turn-around and the great quality of work you’ll receive!

Cindy does ALL of my transcription work and you need to have her doing all of yours too! She will save you an enormous amount of time and money and will help you to get your book done and out so you can start making extra money selling it!”

-James Malinchak
Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show,
“Secret Millionaire”
Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the College Soul

Founder www.Malinchak.com

It’s a Fast, Easy Way to Get Your Own Book Done. It’s Easy to Get Started Working with Cindy.

Email: cindy@transcribeyourbook.com

To Your Speaking and Writing Success,

James Malinchak

PS: If you have questions about Cindy’s work or if you need to reach me, please feel free to email me at info@malinchak.com or call me at (702) 949-6047.